Choose the right ceiling insulation systems to protect your Sydney home against extreme heat and cold, as well as severe weather conditions.

Sydney's Insulated Roofing team can provide long lasting ceiling insulation solutions and help transform your indoor and outdoor living and entertaining spaces.

Temperature Control

Effective ceiling insulation systems reduce heat flow from areas of high temperature (such as the heated interior of a home) to areas of lower temperature (such as the exterior of a home during a cold day).

Limiting heat flow, either out of a building in the winter or into the building during summer, reduces the need for space conditioning (and costly energy consumption) as a means of maintaining acceptable living conditions.

In addition, as roof spaces become increasingly hotter in summer, effective ceiling insulation systems can limit heat flow from the roof space into the home.

Insulation is the most cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Installing our ceiling insulation systems mean you'll spend less on heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Modern Slimline Insulated Ceiling Systems

Insulated Roofing Sydney offers an innovative all-in-one product combining a modern slimline roof with ceiling and insulation included.

  • Width - A 580mm panel width allows for ease of handling on site
  • Thickness - Various thicknesses are available from 35mm, 55mm to 90mm or to suit your application
  • Length - Can be made-to-order, up to a maximum of 8 metres
  • Foam - Uses EPS closed cell foam with fire retardant additives. The material is Bonded, under pressure, to top and bottom skins, with specially formulated adhesive to give strength and durability
  • Conduit Groove - Available with a conduit groove, allowing electrical conduit to be easily run through the length of the panel for lighting and other purposes.
  • Easy installation - Benefits include fast installation, low maintenance and ongoing energy savings.
Boost Comfort, Cut Costs

Increase your comfort and save money on energy bills with modern insulated ceiling systems.

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