Deck Enclosure Ideas

Given Sydney’s mild climate, having a deck enclosure put in at your home as an outdoor living area is a great option for adding extra value to your property.

Having your decked enclosed also gives you all the comforts of indoor living, with uses such as an entertaining or BBQ area, a sun room, a children’s play area or a spare room.

By using Shademaster insulated roofing panels, it’s even possible that we can build an outdoor kitchen on your deck. With a screened deck a breeze can enter, allowing the area to be BBQ friendly. Meanwhile it will also keep out:

  • Insects and birds
  • Floating debris such as gum leaves and bark
  • Harsh sunlight
  • Provide protection from gusts and drafts

Our Friendly Experts

The experienced designers and consultants at Patioland will make sure your enclosed timber decking matches the established character of your home and increase the usable outdoor space that you have.

Importantly, they will also make sure that there is a seamless transition from your indoor to outdoor areas. Our friendly team will work with you on your deck enclosure ideas and offer friendly advice on what materials will match your Sydney household plus your budget.

For building a deck we use an array of materials such as:

  • Treated pine, cypress and merbau hardwood
  • Maintenance free plastic decking boards in various sizes

At Patioland, we recommend a choice of options for anyone looking to have a fully constructed enclosed timber decking with hand railings and steps, a pitched roof or more uncomplicated designs.

If your area needs fittings such as lights, our team of expert tradesmen can easily install them for you.

From carport awnings to decks and pergolas, the team at Patioland can help you. For more information phone 02 9831 3899 or contact us online.